Enforcer with Power Axe

I decided to practice conversions on an Enforcer by giving it a shield and axe. The shield was from some leftover Tau shield drone bits I picked up and the Power Axe was from Hasslefree Miniature’s Sci-Fi conversion pack. I tried to give this one more of a camouflage paint job and mixed things up to make it stand out a bit from the other Enforcers.

I think that the narrowness of the primary eye helps it stand out from other one eyed Enforcers I’ve done like the X Clone and Dual Pistol Wielder.  I like that it has a bit of a cyclops feel to it. I also think that using the same color for the torso and waist to downplay the contrast ended up making it feel more top heavy.

It’s easy to find extra Warhammer and Warhammer 40K bits for cheap online. I thought that they would make for good conversion pieces and I wasn’t let down by this Tau shield drone bits. I think it makes for a great shield and, good news, I still have a couple more to use down the road.

This was the last conversion I did before picking up a pin vice and tiny drill bit so that I could pin conversions. It was very challenging to get the pewter Power Axe to secure in place to the plastic model. The super glue and plastic putty that I’d been using up to this point were ineffective.  I eventually jury-rigged a makeshift cradle around the handle with some extra plastic and doubly secured it all in plastic putty which did hold after drying. It definitely would have been easier and stronger overall to have pinned the conversion in place.

I primed the Power Axe and dried plastic putty with thinned White Gesso. I’ve had a much better time of priming with Gesso since I started thinning it, I think this mix was 1 part Gesso to 2 parts Floor Polish. Yes, you read that correctly, floor polish. It’s an old trick used by cheap painters such as myself and something that I’ll write about in more depth later.

I’ll add the usual note that I plan to use the Enforcers from Mantic Entertainment’s Deadzone wargame as miniatures for playable androids in my upcoming Science Fantasy game.

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