Kneadatite, also known as Green Stuff, is an epoxy putty that’s used not only to make changes to miniatures but to sculpt miniatures. I did a few conversions without it, relying on plastic putty from the hardware store, but while it secured well it was not easy to sculpt.

For my first use of Kneadatite I decided to go with a simple conversion giving a miniature a more realistic torso. I’m the father of a young daughter who I hope will share my hobby one day but, even if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t want my female miniatures to all be absurdly proportioned. I’m not skilled enough at this to make many of those conversions yet but there are a few, like Sarah Blitzer, that only needed a quick fix.


Kneadatite is an epoxy putty that comes in two parts, combine blue and yellow into green to get a malleable material that can be used for conversions. I did this one by hand which resulted in some fingerprints on the conversion that I had to file off after it dried. The package recommends giving Kneadatite about twenty-four hours to dry before painting it. There’s some debate as to whether or not Kneadatite needs to be primed, just to be safe I gave it a coating of thinned White Gesso.

I messed up the paint job on Sarah Blitzer but at least her armored waist isn’t the size of her head anymore.

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  1. A simple, yet effective conversion. Bones are perfect for this. I also agree that some sculpts are in dire need of greenstuff. Unnecessary display of skin that is not making sense in a given background or world? Greenstuff it over ;).

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