Miniature Giant

I was admiring the Great Worm over at the Dragon Scales blog when I noticed this blurp at the bottom of the post, “Mini and Paints available at Miniature-Giant. Be sure to register with komoda as your ‘Referring Member’ for 5% off for you and me.” So, of course, I gave it a try. I have to say that the 5% off really isn’t worth it unless you’re buying wholesale levels of bulk…but Miniature Giant has some great deals on Miniatures including Reaper Bones.

Pile of Miniatures purchased from Miniature Giant

This is a pile of thirty one miniatures that I got for about a dollar a piece. That’s not quite Asmodee Black Friday or Reaper Bones Kickstarter levels of savings, but it’s still very good. I got some repeats of miniatures that I’ve already painted, either to modify or to try painting again once I’ve improved a bit, as well as some new miniatures including ones that I missed out on in Reaper’s Second Bones Kickstarter. They also shipped very promptly. Speaking of shipping, apparently they run a Bed and Breakfast in Virginia…if I stayed there I wonder if they’d let me buy directly?

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