Reaper Gray Aliens

Well, it’s been awhile. To be honest I got far more into Fire Emblem Heroes than I anticipated but that was largely a “time of life” thing. I just had my second child and my first is only three – so it was hard to find time for intensive hobbies there for awhile.

But things have settled down on the home front, my captivation with Fire Emblem Heroes is waning, and I’m running my first Starfinder session a week from Friday. Perfect time to finish up a long overdue miniature project!

I picked up several packs of Reaper’s Gray Alien miniatures from Miniature Giant last December and I was so pleased I ended up ordering a few more from them in the Spring.

A set of 13 painted Reaper Bones Gray Alien miniatures painted by Kaihaku.

I’m pleased with the results though I did rush a bit – especially with eyes on a few of them – as I was antsy to finally finish this project! No time to be a perfectionist when I have people coming to play Starfinder in the near future! I did double coat them with the DIP method followed by spray on matte finish. For the most part, this is just a paintjob but I did make one small conversion in giving one Gray a spear.

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