Plague Aberration

As demonstrated by my take on Plague 1st Generation, I am a big “phan” of the original Phantasy Star video games that appeared on the Sega Master and Sega Genesis systems. I’ve had the Plague Aberration miniature from Mantic Games on hand since Black Friday 2016 and finally decided to do something with it as I was procrastinating making space wreckage.

The Plague Aberration miniature from Mantic Games converted and painted to resemble the Dark Falz from Phantasy Star

I went for the original Dark Force look from Phantasy Star on the Sega Master system. I only had to make three modifications to make it work and I think the results drastically change the feel of the miniature.

I used paperclips and kneadatite to convert the Plague Aberration’s physical features. I primed the miniature with black gesso followed by a thick layer of metallic blue. I then drybrushed on progressively lighter layers of blue until I had the desired effect. I did, in what’s now my standard operating procedure, dip the fully painted miniature in polyurethane and followed up with a spray on matte finish.

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