Octilon Star-ships

I’m come to the conclusion that Studio Bergstrom is the single best source of inexpensive starship miniatures online. Most of their miniatures are clearly inspired by popular media but they have a wide range of diversity and – barring iconics like a Federation Starship or the Millennium Falcon – it’s not too hard to make most of their miniatures look generic.

In any case, this time around I finished a swarm of Octilon Star-ships. I purchased these to add some diversity to starship combat in the Starfinder RPG. As for being budget friendly, at $1.25 for two the price is fantastic as compared to the official Starfinder starships, Firestorm Armada, or even Shapeways.

A single octilion starship from Studio Bergstrom painted red and purple.I primed the Octilon Star-ships with black gesso, then a dark red with purple splotches before giving it a glossy prime. I didn’t follow up with a spray-on matte finish because I wanted to make these miniatures look alien. I liked how they turned out with the glossy finish. The flight base is one I ordered in bulk from Litko. The underside of the Octilon Star-ship is hollow, so I filled that it in with plastic putty which gave the flight base more stability.

A swarm of octilion starships from Studio Bergstrom painted red and purple.One thing to note – one of every two starships has the sculptor’s initials prominently carved on the top. Leaving the finish glossy helped hide this on mine but it’s something that someone with a keener eye for detail might want to to file off/fill in.

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