0 Hr Crucible Spacestation

For Christmas I was given several 0-hr miniatures for use in the starship segments of Starfinder. I think they were purchased from Miniature Market (one of my favorite places to buy miniatures – alongside Miniature Giant and eBay) in case you’re interested in getting some for yourself.

The Crucible Spacestation miniature from 0 Hour

On a cool note 0-hr has detailed floorplans for their miniatures on RPGNow and DriveThruRPG. Also 0-hr has customized ship sheets for use in Starfinder on the Port Zero section of their website.  Considering how expensive the official Starfinder starship miniatures are, 0-hr is really shaping up to be the preferred alternative – the miniatures are slightly cheaper, have bonus materials available like detailed schematics/printable maps, and then there are the free downloadable custom ship sheets.

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