Anirion, Wood Elf Wizard

Anirion the Wood Elf Wizard is another miniature from Reaper Bones. I  painted it to use as an NPC in the next Celestial Winter session but it will definitely see use beyond that.Anirion Wood Elf Wizard miniature from Reaper Bones. Viewed from front.

The polyurethane has been darker than usual lately, I think that it’s starting to dry out but it’s still coming out nicely. I finished up with a spray on matte finish.

Anirion Wood Elf Wizard miniature from Reaper Bones. Viewed from back.


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  1. GamerAse says:

    You have improved a LOT.

    Love the gold trim. I have an unfinished version of this miniature I did using blue tones (, did not even think about painting the trim a different color…

    Will have to steal that idea!

    1. Kaihaku says:

      Thank you. The advice you and Dagger & Brush gave me when I first started really helped me find my footing.

      I like where you’re going with the blue base coat on yours – I had a specific character in mind with my color scheme but I was tempted to go with other colors. It was fun to imagine all the different characters this mini could represent as I was painting it.

      Soon after I finished this, I spotted a pro-painter sharing their take on Twitter. Similar color scheme to mine but he put a pattern on the trim. I thought was a nice touch.

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