Shadow Demons

I was pleased with how the Shadow Hounds turned out that I decided to try my hand out on the Shadow Demon. The Shadow Demon is made from the same translucent material but is a very different sculpt.

The Shadow Demon miniature from Reaper Bones. Viewed from the front.

I picked up some color shift paint this week so I eagerly dry brushed it over the wings to interesting effect… But it didn’t quite stand out as much as I wanted so I decided to try dry brushing over it with metallic black. I painted heavy metallic black on the claws/hooves, metallic white on the teeth, and ruby red on the eyes. The results are solid…but not quite as interesting as the Shadow Hounds in my opinion. I was hoping to find another surprise translucent effect inherit to the sculpt like the Shadow Hound eyes but no dice this time.

The Shadow Demon miniature from Reaper Bones. Viewed from the back.

I’m in a bit of a weird place with how these turned out. I think they look quite threatening…but a bit generic. I wish I had tried dry brushing them in metallic white or copper instead of black – the effect might have been a bit more original. Maybe I’ll order more and give it a try down the road?

Five Shadow Demon miniatures from Reaper Bones.

I painted five of these to field in the next session of my Celestial Winter session. They should provide a nice challenge to my players.

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