Cave Trolls

I quickly painted these fellows for use in the next sitting of my Celestial Winter  campaign but I can see them getting used often in future sittings.

Four Cave Troll miniatures from Reaper Bones viewed from Front

I’m happy with how the blend of colors turned out on their skin. The base coat was a dark beige which I dry brushed over with “marsh” green. The heavy brown is from the DIP method – intentionally very pronounced here. I painted the loincloths in different colors to help distinguish between the four.

Cave Troll miniatures from Reaper Bones viewed from behind

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  1. A nice result in a reasonable amount of time. Especially given these miniatures are on the larger side.

    1. Kaihaku says:

      Thank you! Counterintuitively, I’ve been finding that being a little sloppy ends up making monstrous flesh look better. There seems to be an art to being sloppy enough to mimic nature but controlled enough to keep it from looking like a complete mess. It’s fun to walk that line.

      1. That is actually a good point. What is your fo to technique to achieve this balance? I have some converted Roman Zombies in my pipeline and any advice would be appreciated.

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