Vanja Fire Giant Queen

I didn’t have much interest in Giants until I featured them as an extinct legendary race in the backstory for my Heretic’s Creed campaign. This inspired a growing fascination with the “big people” that’s lead to me including them in more and more prominent roles in campaigns.

Vanja the Fire Giant Queen is one of many Giant miniatures that I acquired through the Reaper Bones Kickstarters. It’s the first Giant miniature that I’ve painted and I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

The Vanja Fire Giant Queen miniature from Reaper Bones viewed from front.

I decided to go with a different look than that of the stereotypical Fire Giant and I’m pleased with the results. This is a miniature that can fill a number of Giant roles. I started by removing the miniature’s nipple spikes – which were ridiculous – and painting a mixed metallic base on the clothing. For skin I used my “red flesh” mix that I first put together back on Andre Durant.  I decided to paint the hair green and started with an emerald base coat. I used a basic bronze for the scale cape.

The Vanja Fire Giant Queen miniature from Reaper Bones viewed from behind.

I had a lot of fun using color shift paints for some of the details – like the green on the bracelet and runes on the spear. Otherwise I used some of my favorite metallics to help the various bits of armor, chains, and jewelry stand out. The “Dip Method” added some depth as the final step. I used snow on the base…because I’m lazy and really happy with the effect.

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