Humble Bundle: Maps Spectacular Software

Humble Bundle is running a fantastic Maps Spectacular Software Bundle featuring fantasy cartography software from Pro Fantasy. There have some great options for local maps but, for virtual tabletop, I find it’s easier to just build them directly in Fantasy Grounds Unity. The real seller here for me are the regional and global mapping tools. Fantasy Grounds has some support for this style but without an easy way to export it doesn’t really make sense.

You might remember that I was working on a world map a couple of years ago – starting with plate tectonics – and was fleshing out the details as a scalable vector graphic in Inkscape. Unfortunately, once I added the forests the SVG started to consistently crash Inkscape. Not sure if I hit a memory limit or what? Too many trees, I suppose.

As far as I got before the forests killed Inkscape.

The concept of developing my own graphics for the map in Inkscape was appealing at the time but now I can see the appeal of specialized cartographic software. So this humble bundle was kind of an answer to a problem that I’ve been sitting on. I’m going to try to recreate this map in the Pro Fantasy software.

This Humble Bundle ends in 14 days.

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