Great Forest Welfare Society – Session 2

Following the pollution upstream our heroes eventually come to a stretch of forest that’s being eaten by a hoard of insects. The insects do live in the forest but no one in the group has ever seen them in such numbers! The insects also usually eat unhealthy trees but here they are eating all trees in the area.

Why are so many insects here?

Alarmed, they decide to capture one of the insects to examine it and Tigerlily crafts ropes out of vines. However, when they capture one insect, it emits a high pitched shriek that calls the other insects towards them. Carrying the insect away as fast she can Tigerlily is relieved that the other insects stop following as soon as she is out of hearing range. She leaves the insect to check on her friends and, unfortunately, it escapes since the vine ropes were not that well crafted.

The captured insect would soon escape!

Meanwhile, Lamima and Caqui surprise a strange Kobold was painting the trees and, in response, he tries to paint them with his gigantic paintbrush! The two avoid the mischievous counterattack and the Kobold escapes by springing away in the trees.

A mysterious Kobold with a paintbrush.

Tigerlily is surprised to hear about the mysterious Kobold and can’t see any sign of it. The group decides to sneak by the insects and continue following the stream to find the source of the pollution. Then they plan to come back and try to figure out what’s going on with the insects. They are horrified when, a short distance away, the lush forest suddenly ends in a vast clearing filled with hundreds of bushes. At the far end of the clearing is a large factory! Lamima recognizes these as healing herbs! Caqui claims that this area was thick forest just last year!

Robotic insects are working in the clearing. Some, equipped with saws, are cutting down the forest to expand it. Others spray some kind of chemical on any natural insects that come close to the healing herbs.

The group immediately leap into action and attack the robotic insects! During the struggle Lamima realizes that the robotic insects are spraying pesticide! This explains the hoard of insects! Their habitant has been destroyed and they’ve been chased away by the pesticide!

Habitant destruction and pesticide!

When Lamima examines one of the robotic sprayers and realizes that it’s one source of the pollution that they’d been tracking! This further outraged the group who demanded to know who was behind this!

Suddenly, two Turtles – or Koopa Troopa – ran up to the group and tackled them! The Koopa Troopa shouted at the group for illegally destroying “Koopa Kompany” property. 5 year old and 8 year old completely lost it at this point. After several minutes of insulting, berating, and threatening the Koopa Troopa they finally got back in character.

The turtles did it.

Soon a Magikoopa arrives on the scene demanding to know what’s going on. Again, 5 year old and 8 year old lost it. They even tried to grab the paper miniature directly and punish it for illegal logging and pollution.

The Magikoopa supervisor arrives!

Finally the Magikoopa ends the argument by informing the group that he’s going back to town and will be reporting them to the authorities for illegally destroying Koopa Kompany property!

The Magikoopa flies off to report on the group’s activities!

The group decides to hurry back to the town to explain their side of the story. They realized that the cheap healing potions being sold in town must be connected to this clearing and are confident that they can convince the townspeople not to listen to the Magikoopa.

But…the Magikoopa wasn’t the only one waiting for them next session.

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