Enforcer Peacekeeper, Freedom RAcast

First painted miniature of 2017. I’ve done a lot of conversion work so far this year but, for whatever reason, haven’t gotten to painting until now. I decided to start off with a late Christmas Present to one of my friends, converting and painting an Enforcer Peacekeeper to roughly resemble his RAcast from Phantasy Star Online.

Enforcer Peacekeeper painted red, white, and blue with PSO RAcast images included

I added additional armor to the knees and trimmed down the head, but the majority of my conversion work on this was the rifle. This is the most Kneadatite that I’ve ever used in a project and I had a hard time with it. I used two Tau Plasma rifle bits and two paperclip fragments to form the base that I molded the Kneadatite around. Once it dried I started to sand it down but then the rifle started to come apart. I secured it back together but decided against sanding it down further.

Enforcer Peacekeepers Miniature painted red, white, and blue

I think that I need to invest in some proper wash. I’ve been trying to get by making my own but it’s just not giving miniatures like this the feel that I want. In general, I like how this one turned out but feel like it’s missing something.

For added durability, I dipped this miniature in polyurethane twice (one tinted, one clear) and then sprayed on a matte finish. It should hold up well!

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  1. Looks good, I think you captured the feel of the character. The colour scheme works very well. You could look into Fimo or some other oven hardening clay that can be sanded. Fashion the basic shape out of it and then add to it on the miniature with greenstuff.

    1. Kaihaku says:

      Thank you for the comment and the advice. I’ll definitely look into Fimo as I can tell that I’m going to keep on doing a lot of conversions. It’s a lot of fun to be able to make miniatures more closely resemble my vision for a character.

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