Corps Officer Heavy Rangers Squad Medic with Alien Head, Take Two

I picked up two packs of the Corp Officers Heavy Rangers Squad for $4 from Asmodee’s 2016 Black Friday Sale. The alien head is from Hasslefree miniatures. I played it safe with the first pack, only switching out the heads, but I want some variety in the alien race I’m creating with them…definitely more than just a simple “palette swap”. So, with that aim in mind, for my second take on this miniature I decided to change the pose and equipment.

Front of a painted Dust Tactics NCO commander with an alien head.

The shoulder launchers are from some rocket bits I picked up from Hoard ‘O Bits and the arm was an extra bit from the Enforcer Peacekeeper set I purchased.

Back of a painted Dust Tactics NCO commander with an alien head

I’m going to include a comparison photo of both miniatures that I worked on from this line. I think that changing the footing made a bigger difference than I realized at first. I have to admit that I like this stance better than the default one!

Comparison of two different painted Dust Tactics NCO Commander miniatures

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