Another from Hasslefree Miniatures, Jynx is a fun sculpt that could easily fit in as a spellcaster in a modern fantasy setting or as a metahuman in a superhero setting. I’m looking forward to seeing her used as an exciting character in Starfinder.

Jynx from Hasslefree Miniatures.

I experimented with the base this time around – kneadatite in rough waves with drybrushed layers of progressively lighter blue. I had some trouble with the eyes, no surprise, but at least they are there. I may go back and try to make them more noticeable. I’m also thinking of adding a decal on the shoulders of the leather coat…just for a touch more detail.

Jynx from Hasslefree Miniatures before finishingI used clear polyurethane for the DIP method this time as I didn’t want to darken the base and I think it worked out well as the black gesso priming darkened the miniature enough.

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