Every now and then, there’s a miniature that almost seems to paint itself – like the Werebear, Blightfang was one of those miniatures. I was so immersed in the process that I didn’t take any progress photos – which is a bit of a shame as Blightfang looked so good in gold that I almost stopped there! The Blightfang from Reaper Bones. Viewed from the front.

This is a fantastic sculpt, a delight to paint, and a good deal for the price… My only complaint is that the “Bonesium” material had warped a bit and it took a bit of work to fit everything together – often a dip in steaming hot water followed by a dip in ice cold water is enough to set a Bones miniature back in place, but sometimes it’s not enough and this was one of those times. Instead I had to pin the front leg in place as it kept on shifting off position. I also, as you may have noticed, put a circular base down as a foundation. I could have shown more artistic ambition here but I still haven’t really gotten into elaborate bases yet…maybe I’ll rebase this one day but for my current purposes this works well enough.

The Blightfang from Reaper Bones. Close up of face.

I started with a gold base coat over the entire body followed by overcoats of golden brown on the underscales/wings and dark red everywhere else. It doesn’t come through as clearly in the photos but this gives Blightfang a subtle shimmering aesthetic where the overcoats where thin – quite fitting for a beast that lays around in gold most of the time!

The Blightfang mini from Reaper Bones. Viewed from the back.I finished up with my standard polyurethane finish followed by  a spray on matte finish. I have plans to use this miniature as Ernhardur, a NPC of some importance in my upcoming Pathfinder campaign Celestial Winter, but it’s actually quite nice to finally have a proper Dragon to pull out should the occasion arise.

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