Celestial Winter – Session Sixteen, Fin

In March, I learned that we would be moving to another country. It’s an exciting opportunity but unfortunately it means saying farewell to friends, family, and – until we get settled – tabletop. So, on Saturday, we ended the Pathfinder Celestial Winter campaign. I may run it again one day in the future but that’s likely to be a long ways down the road.

This was a good point in the game to adjust the story for an abrupt ending. I accelerated the group finding the Somalcygot and changed what the ritual requiring it did (originally it was far less dues ex machina). This resulted in an epic final battle that neatly resolved “everything”. Ernhardur even fought alongside the group. This hasty plot revision met the needs of the group but definitely left me wanting to run the campaign again to reach the “proper” ending.

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