Location: Near the UEG’s southern edge in Russia.

Purpose: To provide an easier means for mercs to find jobs as well as supplies to purchase.  To that end a city was founded near the main Agency facility to house the people needed to provide the services required for such an facility.  However, because of the need for civilians to keep things running, a clean public image has to be maintained, resulting in several rules about what the mercs can do.


Military targets only

Only contracts through Agency channels

Surrenders handled by employer unless its against another Agency unit, in which case it is to be accepted, though there is to be no exchange of information. If current communication can be not be established with employer, than the most recently issued commands in regards to surrenders should be followed if possible and the employer has the right to review the battle tapes to make sure the commands were followed. If no communication can be established and there were no previous commands, then it is up to the unit commander. Agency units who surrender keep their equipment.

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