Short: 0 KM – 2 KM (0-4 squares)
Medium: 1.5 KM – 4 KM (3-8 squares)
Long: 3.5 KM – 6 KM (7-12 squares)
Extreme: 6 KM – 8 KM (12-16 squares)
Standard Radar: 7 KM (Out to 14 squares)
External Radar: 10 KM (Out to 20 squares)

Critical Hits: Normally there is a 1 in 10 chance of getting a critical hit.  When there is a critical hit there is a 25% chance of getting a Locational Critical, otherwise it is a Double Damage Critical.


While Armor is over 50%, Locational Criticals can only destroy exposed equipment and do the 1st level of limb damage.  Exposed equipment would be weapons, AMS, and any form of external radar.  For limb damage, taking a Locational Crit to the arm would result in Arm and Hand weapons suffering -5 to hit.  If its a leg shot, -10 MPH which also results in -2 Evasion.

When Armor is under 50%, all components are fair game (including Reactors) and the 2nd level of limb damage can be reached.  A second shot to an arm results in that arm being shot off the Walker, though any weapons on the limb survive.  Second shot to the legs results in another -10 MPH and -2 Evasion, but also results in advanced boosters not being safe to use at max power (due to damaged legs not being able to handle the stress), reducing their bonuses to half.


Artillery: 4 shots per weapon, each shot takes 5 EP per weapon fired from the group’s total.

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