United European Government (Europe, 1/3 of the Middle-East, and most of Russia)

The UEG’s origins lie in Europe’s efforts to resist America’s campaign of conquest.  By working together they have reduced the impact of the collapse of the global economy, allowing their citizens to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while also allowing them to field a powerful military to guard their expansive territories.  For the most part the military is rather balanced with no real strengths or weaknesses, but the UEG does have artillery assets far superior to other factions and is rather fond of cannon style weapons.  Their military activity in the last thirty years has largely been limited to conquering a third of the Middle-East for the fuel resources.



The Japanese people largely kept to themselves during the war and its immediate aftermath, but have since then expanded to select locations on the mainland to secure resources and strategic locations (South Korea, Eastern China and Russia).  Their expertise with electronics has only grown over the decades, allowing the military to field mobile, stealthy units that excel at quick strikes, scouting, and other elements of guerrilla warfare.  However, their lack of numbers and heavy combat units greatly limits their ability to deal with any sort of straight up war on their own.


New Egyptian Empire (Libya, Egypt, Northern Sudan, Israel, 1/3 of Saudi Arabia, and Yemen)

Formed after the war by Egyptians wanting to reclaim some of the lost glory of their ancestors, they have taken control of neighboring areas to increase the resources available to them.  Due to the amount of desert in their territory, they have developed powerful tanks that are superior to Walkers in that kind of open terrain.  This is one of the primary reasons that they have been able to prevent the UEG from cutting off their access to the Middle-East.  They are currently allied with Tiger Enterprises in their war against Guan Yu in order to benefit from the acquisition of American technology.


Middle-East Coalition

Due to the fact that several of their neighbors had been conquered by the UEG and NEE, Iran, Oman, Turkmenistan, 2/3 of Saudi Arabia, and part of Afghanistan, all banded together in order to survive.  While they only have old model tanks, helicopters, and an assortment of other vehicles in addition to the few Walkers they salvaged from battle, they have enough resources to purchase high-end mercenary units to defend themselves.


Tiger Enterprises (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh)

Replacing the governments of various governments after the war, Tiger become one of the largest corporations on the planet that deals with a wide variety of goods and services.  For their military they rely on salvaged Walkers, vehicles, and mercenaries.  They have currently allied with the New Egyptian Empire and are at war with Guan Yu over an American factory complex.


Agni Industries (Tibet, northern tip of India)

Originally based in India, Agni moved the bulk of their operations to Tibet as its more central location made it easier for them to sell their goods to their clients.  While they can’t build Walkers of their own, they are able to produce large amounts of weapons, ammo, and spare parts of excellent quality for Walker units.  This, combined with their neutrality, has allowed them to become extremely wealthy while also being safe from attacks.


Guan Yu Corporation (China, Laos, Southern Mongolia)

Formerly the largest of the Asian corporations, Guan Yu was destroyed 30 years ago.  The war against Tiger Enterprises and the NEE weakened them to the point where Australia was able to finish them off in a single invasion and conquer most of their territory.  Some of their forces survive as either guerrillas or bandits, but with every day their numbers grow fewer.



Near the end of the war 30 years ago they invaded China, finishing off the Guan Yu Corporation and seizing most of the country for themselves.  Since then they apparently haven’t done much, but only fools would believe they will stay idle forever.

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