Agency Mercenary Units
A medium sized mercenary group made up of Heavy and Assault Walkers, including a very limited amount of American designs.  Lacking any kind of scouting ability, they are only hired for jobs requiring overwhelming firepower, and they field artillery whenever possible to improve their ability to deal damage.

An all female unit that has signed an Exclusivity Contract with the UEG in recent years and primarily uses UEG Walkers and equipment. One of the largest mercenary units at roughly regimental size. Experience of their units ranges from Regular to Elite. Taking part in the Arena is a hobby for some of the better pilots, but they no longer use it as a testing ground for new candidates like they originally did decades ago.

Death’s Fangs
A mediocre unit of average size.  While their commander makes use of some salvaged American technology, there is very little to distinguish this unit from any other merc group.

Stonewall Company
Founded by former Halcyon member Robert Marik, this unit excels at defensive operations and has done well for themselves in the twenty years since their creation. The unit is on the smaller side among the merc units, but one would be advised not to underestimate them.

Ryan’s Raiders
Company sized unit formed only about a year ago. Mostly formed of more mobile Walkers and mostly takes part in raiding and scouting operations. Sunbursts, Anubis, Hermes, and Shinigami Walkers are the main ones.

Astrology Association
A twelve Walker unit formed almost 20 years ago. Their skills became legendary as they never failed a mission, however their true identities have never been discovered. A few years ago they seemingly disbanded, but rumor has it they have recently returned to service.

A battalion level unit founded by former Halcyon member Willow Sahajahan that works exclusively for Australia, often handling the majority of their offensive operations.

A company level unit that works exclusively for Tiger Enterprises. The unit’s configuration allows for above average mobility, allowing them to more quickly reinforce a position then most mercenary Walker units.

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