Talents are a way of representing a character’s level of skill while allowing players to improve their abilities in certain areas.  1 Talent indicates a pilot is of Veteran experience, 2 means they are an Elite.  Very, very few reach Ace level, having 3 Talents.  Most likely the group members will not get past Elite level.


Examples of possible Talents

[Weapon Type] Specialist: +10 accuracy with [Weapon Type] (for example, Cannon Specialist)

[Weapon] Specialist: +15 accuracy with [Weapon] (for example, Machine Gun Specialist)

Vanguard Specialist: +15 evasion while piloting a Vanguard

Critical Eye: +10 chance of landing a critical hit.

Other ones are entirely possible, feel free to discuss ideas with me whenever its time to select a Talent.


Group’s Talents

Null: Hacking  (So long as Null has an External Radar he can attempt to hack into enemy communications or hamper the systems of enemy Walkers.)

Central: Critical Eye (+10 to Critical Threat Range)

Siegfried: Cannon Specialist (+10 to accuracy with shoulder mounted cannon type weapons)

Val: Assault Specialist (+10 evasion when piloting Assault Walkers)

Gen5:6 – Medium Specialist (+10 evasion when piloting Medium Walkers)

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