Cost: 15 EP per individual change.

Restrictions: 1 customized Walker per player to keep it easier to track everything. Customized Walkers can be put into storage if player wishes to use a stock design though, and Customized Walkers can be traded between players.

If more than one change is done at a time, the Walker must spend the next mission being modified in the hangar.


Remove 2 Small Torso hardpoints for 1 Medium Torso Hardpoint or vice versa.
Dropping one Armor rank for 10 more MPH or vice versa.
Stability can be raised by lowering Armor a rank or sacrificing hard points (1 Medium Shoulder, 3 Small Torso, 1 Medium and 1 Small, etc) and vice versa.
1 Medium Torso and 1 Small Torso can be traded for 1 Medium Shoulder and vice versa.
1 Medium Shoulder and 1 Small Torso can be traded for 1 Large Shoulder and vice versa.
1 Small Torso can be traded for 1 Small Internal and vice versa.

While Arm slots can be removed for other slots, the reverse can NOT be done on Walkers that didn’t originally have Arm slots.

For balance reasons a Walker can not have more than 6 Torso slots.  Because then you could stack on ridiculous amounts of weapons and start OHKOing Assault Walkers with cheap weapons.  No.

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